I really just let myself vomit into this piece...

Life just doesn’t feel real, isolation with social media has made me feel so strange and I wanted to communicate that as rawly as I could. Knowing everything through a screen and without much physical contact with the outside world has each of us experiencing a morphed version of reality. I often feel insane, and have many inner battles with myself questioning the reality around us.

Emma Kenny is an International Studies student at Texas State University. In addition to getting her International Business degree, she has studied Mandarin for over 3 years, traveled to Beijing to further her studies, enjoys songwriting (specializing in playing guitar and cello), and is exceptionally skilled at illustration, as exampled by her piece for this show.


Much of her artistic inspiration comes from Asian pop culture such as anime, manga, street street fashion magazines and the Kpop scene.

Artwork about the Covid Times 2020
Emma Kenny illustration
What Social Media Feels Like During Covid
Social Media Feelings
Artwork by Emma Kenny
A Covid Commentary Art Illustration