lauren gray

"Happy Buffet (the mirage in Covid times)" 

Mixed media on paper 


Lauren Gray is an artist based in Queens, NY who primarily works in the medium of painting. She also spends a lot of time using sketchbooks for recording experiences or using mixed media techniques. She enjoys finding beauty in the mundane or bizarre as a source of inspiration for her work.


Lauren has a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts from the University of Texas at Dallas. She co-founded the original And/Or Gallery (formerly in Dallas, now in Pasadena CA)  and was the founder and curator of the Safe Room Gallery in Dallas from 2012-2015. She was an artist in residence at the CentralTrak residency in Dallas in 2015. 

Currently a stay at home parent/homeschooler to her three year old daughter, she relishes the time she gets to slip away to a happy place in her studio while her daughter naps. 

Artwork Painting by Lauren Gray
Click For 1991 Archive State Fair of Texas Video