steven visneau

"Sit. Embrace. Stay On Track. Vacant. Self Portrait."
In times of solitude, separation, and isolation there can be a found introspection for being alone. Sometimes these moments pass by without notice in our busy lives of chase. This year has brought a forced reduction of perpetual forward motion. These images taken on a Polaroid Land Camera, show how solitude can not only be peaceful but also a time to reflect.
Steven Visneau is a commercial and fine art photographer.
Based in Dallas, Texas, he collaborates with clients and artists, worldwide.
Steven shoots on digital, analogue, and polaroid film.
An agile photographer who moves easily between capturing candid lifestyle imagery to staged studio luxury fashion to portraiture - past subjects include Texas Ballet Theater dancers, Kevin Hart, Danny Devito, high fashion on the streets Tokyo, bespoke hotel spaces, and les rues de Paris.
A photo by Dallas photographer Steven Visneau
self portrait
photo booth polaroid photo
Train Tracks polaroid photo
stay on track
Steven Visneau polaroid photography
Photography by Steven Visneau